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Milwaukee Sentinel – June 16, 1909


Relinquishes Claim to Having Benn First White Boy Born on Milwaukee Site.


Daniel Allender, Northport, Wis., whose friends, for Mr. Allender, were disposed to dispute with Charles Milwaukee Sivyer the honor of having been the first white boy born on the site of Milwaukee, has conceded that he has no claim to first white boy honors.

Sheldon Bradt, Northport, in a letter to The Sentinel says that the Allender family bible has been found, and that the date of Mr. Allender’s birth as set forth in the bible is April 14, 1838.

The letter says that Mr. Allender, having discovered the date of his birth, readily relinquishes all claim to first white boy honors being only too glad to accord to Mr. Sivyer honor rightfully his.

In order to investigate Mr. Allender’s claims The Sentinel sent a member of its staff to Northport with Mr. Sivyer on May 15, and the results of their conference with Mr. Allender appeared in The Sentinel of May 16. During the conference between Mr. Sivyer and Mr. Allender, Mr. Sivyer asked Mr. Allender whether there was any Indian blood in his family. Mr. Allender replied that he did not believe there was adding, “I do not know that there may have been.”

Mr. Bradt’s letter says that it has learned that Mr. Allender is descended from Irish-Scotch, English and Pennsylvania Dutch stock, and that there is not a drop of Indian blood in his veins.

Before returning from Northport, Mr. Sivyer assured Mr. Allender that if he would come to Milwaukee during Homecoming week he would find a warm reception at the Old Settlers’ club.

Mr. Bradt writes that Mr. Allender would like to visit Milwaukee during Homecoming week but that circumstances may not warrant the trip.

Mrs. Lucy Ellen Estes Linebarger, who was born on the site of Milwaukee in 1837, does not claim to have been the first white girl born on the site of Milwaukee. Her friends made this claim for her, but records show Miss Milwaukee Smith (Mrs. Bernard Hokelberg) born on Oct. 10, 1835, to have had the first white girl honors.

Daniel Allender relinquishes his claim

Owner/SourceTranscribed by June Ristow
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