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In the first Census survey for the United States, in 1790, there are shown 12 households with name of Allender. Of those 12, five are headed by a William. They include three Williams who are heads of households in Baltimore County, Maryland: William Allender, 1739-1796, of Mount Ararat, William Taylor Allender, 1757-1838, and one as yet unidentifed, Wm Allender. Of the other two, one is William Allender, 1740-1793, married to Anna Day, and living on Freeland's Mount (inherited from his father, Thomas Allender) in Harford County, and the last is William Allender of Chester County, Pennsylvania, who must be the William Alexander Allender, 1750-1851, who shows on the 1850 Census in Belmont County, Ohio, at age 100.
The other seven include four Allenders living in Harford County. They are Jane (Day) Allender, 1737-ca 1795, widow of Nicholas Allender, Jr. and sister to Anna. She is living near her nephews: John, 1757-1803 and Nicholas, 1760-1797. Along with William Alexander, these nephews, are sons of the deceased, John and Lucina (Roberts) Allender. Also living in Baltimore County is Fredarick Allender shown one place from William (b. 1739) and he is likely to be a relative, as well.
Richard Allender, 1767-1853, son of William and Anna, is shown to be living apart from his parents with some of his siblings in Washington County. In Mifflin, Pennsylvania, is Irish immigrant Joseph Allender, 1747-1797, who arrived before the Revolutionary War and is shown on the 1790 census with his wife (Ann) and seven chidren. Last to be named is Joshua Allender, III, 1737-1792, of Baltimore County, father of William Taylor Allender. Joshua and William (b. 1739) are the only surviving grandsons of the immigrant William (b. 1640) on the 1790 Census who bear the name of Allender. They are sons of Nicholas, Sr., and Joshua, Sr., respectively. Jane is his granddaughter-in-law.

Heads of families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790. Maryland / Dept. of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census. --Washington, D.C. : Government Printing Office., 1907.-- Baltimore County: p. 26, William (b. 1739) one place from Fredarick (b. 1720); p. 34, Joshua one place from his son, William (b. 1757).--Harford County: p. 74, William (b. 1740)

Allender's in the First Census of the United States

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