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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Alta  1893Wisconsin P1930983601 Maryland new 
2 Allender, Arthur  1884Wisconsin P1930983599 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Florence E  Nov 1895Wisconsin P1930983589 Maryland new 
4 Allender, Frank  28 Sept 1856Wisconsin P1930983383 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Henry  Feb 1867Wisconsin P1930983391 Maryland new 
6 Allender, Homer Vance  2 Aug 1885Wisconsin P1930983460 Maryland new 
7 Allender, Josephine  1871Wisconsin P1930983593 Maryland new 
8 Allender, Lovina  1891Wisconsin P1930983600 Maryland new 
9 Allender, Mabel H  Jan 1892Wisconsin P1930983588 Maryland new 
10 Allender, Magdalen  1908Wisconsin P1930983651 Maryland new 
11 Allender, Myron Eugene  8 Sept 1872Wisconsin P1930983345 Maryland new 
12 Allender, Pearl  3 Nov 1898Wisconsin P1930983592 Maryland new 
13 Allender, Ralph  1903Wisconsin P1930983591 Maryland new 
14 Allender, Robert  12 Apr 1917Wisconsin P1930983413 Maryland new 
15 Allender, Robert J  Mar 1886Wisconsin P1930983587 Maryland new 
16 Allender, Rosie May  1909Wisconsin P1930983652 Maryland new 
17 Allender, Russell C  1877Wisconsin P1930983433 Maryland new 
18 Allender, Sarah  1882Wisconsin P1930983368 Maryland new 
19 Allender, Viola J  Oct 1899Wisconsin P1930983590 Maryland new 
20 Allender, Wallace J  8 Dec 1872Wisconsin P1930983594 Maryland new 
21 Allender, William John  Apr 1870Wisconsin P1930983430 Maryland new 
22 Hand, Edwin  1860Wisconsin P1930983437 Maryland new 
23 Keup, Corlyss Emil  15 Feb 1923Wisconsin P1930983559 Maryland new 
24 Lawrence, Roy C  30 Aug 1890Wisconsin P1930984112 Maryland new 
25 Liesch, Donald F  1916Wisconsin P1930983782 Maryland new 
26 Liesch, Keith B  3 Mar 1918Wisconsin P1930983783 Maryland new 
27 Liesch, Kenneth J  1913Wisconsin P1930983780 Maryland new 
28 Liesch, Mavis I  1911Wisconsin P1930983779 Maryland new 
29 Liesch, Walter W  1886Wisconsin P1930983585 Maryland new 
30 Liesch, William W  1914Wisconsin P1930983781 Maryland new 
31 MacDonald, Imogene  1898Wisconsin P1930983611 Maryland new 
32 Tellock, Albert C  1900Wisconsin P1930983583 Maryland new 
33 Trumble, Robert E  1888Wisconsin P1930983382 Maryland new 
34 Webster, Ella C  Jul 1860Wisconsin P1930983386 Maryland new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Hazel L  1984Wisconsin P1930983586 Maryland new 
2 Allender, Thomas  6 May 1903Wisconsin P1930983372 Maryland new 
3 Allender, William Daniel  1886Wisconsin P1930983341 Maryland new 
4 Howland, Arrillia M  31 Mar 1887Wisconsin P1930983373 Maryland new 
5 Lashley, Sarah  7 Sept 1888Wisconsin P1930983342 Maryland new 
6 Webster, Ella C  1941Wisconsin P1930983386 Maryland new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Westphal  1917Wisconsin F62 Maryland new