Washington, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Anna  1769Washington, Maryland I0135 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender, Anna  1769Washington, Maryland P1930983453 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Archebald  18 Apr 1808Washington, Maryland I0044 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, Archebald  18 Apr 1808Washington, Maryland P1930983337 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Baker Maurice  24 Feb 1812Washington, Maryland I0046 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, Baker Maurice  24 Feb 1812Washington, Maryland P1930983289 Maryland new 
7 Allender, Elizabeth  Abt 1782Washington, Maryland I1105 Maryland Tree 
8 Allender, Elizabeth  1782Washington, Maryland P1930983777 Maryland new 
9 Allender, John Day  Abt 1765Washington, Maryland I0231 Maryland Tree 
10 Allender, John Day  1765Washington, Maryland P1930983505 Maryland new 
11 Allender, John McCoy  30 Mar 1797Washington, Maryland I0040 Maryland Tree 
12 Allender, John McCoy  30 Mar 1797Washington, Maryland P1930983331 Maryland new 
13 Allender, Juliana  30 Jul 1810Washington, Maryland I0045 Maryland Tree 
14 Allender, Juliana  30 Jul 1810Washington, Maryland P1930983338 Maryland new 
15 Allender, Margaret  Abt 1772Washington, Maryland I1100 Maryland Tree 
16 Allender, Margaret  1772Washington, Maryland P1930984077 Maryland new 
17 Allender, Margaret  31 Dec 1801Washington, Maryland I0043 Maryland Tree 
18 Allender, Margaret  31 Dec 1801Washington, Maryland P1930983335 Maryland new 
19 Allender, Richard  24 Dec 1799Washington, Maryland I0994 Maryland Tree 
20 Allender, Richard  24 Dec 1799Washington, Maryland P1930983479 Maryland new 
21 Allender, Sarah  Abt 1780Washington, Maryland I1428 Maryland Tree 
22 Allender, Sarah  1780Washington, Maryland P1930984118 Maryland new 
23 Allender, Sarah  19 Jan 1803Washington, Maryland I0042 Maryland Tree 
24 Allender, Sarah  19 Jan 1803Washington, Maryland P1930983334 Maryland new 
25 Allender, William  Abt 1774Washington, Maryland I1176 Maryland Tree 
26 Allender, William  1774Washington, Maryland P1930984343 Maryland new 
27 Allender, William  24 Jan 1806Washington, Maryland I0041 Maryland Tree 
28 Allender, William  24 Jan 1806Washington, Maryland P1930983333 Maryland new 
29 Allinder, James  1778Washington, Maryland I1177 Maryland Tree 
30 Allinder, James  1778Washington, Maryland P1930984345 Maryland new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Archebald  13 Jun 1808Washington, Maryland I0044 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender, Archebald  13 Jun 1808Washington, Maryland P1930983337 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Sarah  5 Sep 1808Washington, Maryland I0042 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, Sarah  5 Sept 1808Washington, Maryland P1930983334 Maryland new 
5 Allinder, James  Washington, Maryland I1177 Maryland Tree 
6 Allinder, James  Washington, Maryland P1930984345 Maryland new 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Fore  3 Nov 1809Washington, Maryland F326 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender / Fore  3 Nov 1809Washington, Maryland F132 Maryland new 
3 Allender / Marker  11 Dec 1821Washington, Maryland F060 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender / Marker  11 Dec 1821Washington, Maryland F239 Maryland new 
5 Baker / Webb  1 Mar 1808Washington, Maryland F273 Maryland Tree 
6 Baker / Webb  1 Mar 1808Washington, Maryland F226 Maryland new 
7 Hays / Allender  1840Washington, Maryland F280 Maryland Tree 
8 Hays / Allender  1840Washington, Maryland F287 Maryland new 
9 Webb / Allender  27 Oct 1807Washington, Maryland F275 Maryland Tree 
10 Webb / Allender  27 Oct 1807Washington, Maryland F71 Maryland new