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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Allender, Catharine  1787Pennsylvania I1356 Maryland Tree 
2 ?Allender, Catharine  1787Pennsylvania P1930984491 Maryland new 
3 ?Allender, Nancy  1805Pennsylvania I1360 Maryland Tree 
4 ?Allender, Nancy  1805Pennsylvania P1930984493 Maryland new 
5 ?Allender, Rebecca  1835Pennsylvania I1169 Maryland Tree 
6 ?Allender, Rebecca  1835Pennsylvania P1930984324 Maryland new 
7 ?Ellender, Elizabeth Buckley  Jan 1830Pennsylvania I1448 Maryland Tree 
8 ?Guiton, Martha J  Oct 1867Pennsylvania I1009 Maryland Tree 
9 ?Guiton, Martha J  Oct 1867Pennsylvania P1930984210 Maryland new 
10 ?Guyton, Elizabeth  1839Pennsylvania I1002 Maryland Tree 
11 ?Guyton, Elizabeth  1839Pennsylvania P1930984205 Maryland new 
12 Ackelson, Thomas  1817Pennsylvania I042 Irish Allenders 
13 Allender, ?Rebecca  Abt 1806Pennsylvania I1282 Maryland Tree 
14 Allender, ?Rebecca  1806Pennsylvania P1930984432 Maryland new 
15 Allender, Alexander  1770Pennsylvania I295 Venango County 
16 Allender, Alexander  1803Pennsylvania I1364 Maryland Tree 
17 Allender, Alexander  1803Pennsylvania P1930984498 Maryland new 
18 Allender, Alexander  Abt 1810Pennsylvania I108 My Allenders 
19 Allender, Alice Jane  10 Sep 1847Pennsylvania I126 Irish Allenders 
20 Allender, Amanda  1847Pennsylvania I1339 Maryland Tree 
21 Allender, Amanda  1847Pennsylvania P1930984480 Maryland new 
22 Allender, Anna M  1843Pennsylvania I489 Irish Allenders 
23 Allender, Arthur  Jun 1884Pennsylvania I330 Irish Allenders 
24 Allender, Boston G.  18 Nov 1832Pennsylvania I020 Irish Allenders 
25 Allender, Carolyn (Callie)  Dec 1891Pennsylvania I296 Irish Allenders 
26 Allender, Charles  Nov 1879Pennsylvania I109 Lehigh County Allenders 
27 Allender, Charles H  1890Pennsylvania I168 Lehigh County Allenders 
28 Allender, Charles W  Sep 1879Pennsylvania I270 Irish Allenders 
29 Allender, Charlotte  1813Pennsylvania I1236 Maryland Tree 
30 Allender, Charlotte  1813Pennsylvania P1930984370 Maryland new 
31 Allender, Christina  Abt 1811Pennsylvania I1285 Maryland Tree 
32 Allender, Christina  1811Pennsylvania P1930984434 Maryland new 
33 Allender, Clarence W  1903Pennsylvania I483 Irish Allenders 
34 Allender, David A  30 May 1853Pennsylvania I107 Irish Allenders 
35 Allender, Earl Lee  Feb 1897Pennsylvania I362 Irish Allenders 
36 Allender, Edna D  1906Pennsylvania I484 Irish Allenders 
37 Allender, Elizabeth  1800Pennsylvania I018 Irish Allenders 
38 Allender, Elizabeth  Sep 1826Pennsylvania I049 Irish Allenders 
39 Allender, Elizabeth  21 Jun 1835Pennsylvania I022 Irish Allenders 
40 Allender, Elizabeth M  Apr 1877Pennsylvania I269 Irish Allenders 
41 Allender, Emmie  Dec 1892Pennsylvania I281 Irish Allenders 
42 Allender, Euphamia (Fannie)  8 Nov 1879Pennsylvania I328 Irish Allenders 
43 Allender, Florence  Aug 1891Pennsylvania I327 Irish Allenders 
44 Allender, Frances Virginia  5 Feb 1845Pennsylvania I125 Irish Allenders 
45 Allender, Frank  Jul 1872Pennsylvania I277 Irish Allenders 
46 Allender, George Elmer  Sep 1879Pennsylvania I365 Irish Allenders 
47 Allender, George William  Abt 1850Pennsylvania I110 Irish Allenders 
48 Allender, Grace F  Apr 1882Pennsylvania I278 Irish Allenders 
49 Allender, Grace Louella  Jul 1891Pennsylvania I364 Irish Allenders 
50 Allender, Grace Menetta  10 Nov 1881Pennsylvania I325 Irish Allenders 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Allender, Nancy  Bef 1880Pennsylvania I1360 Maryland Tree 
2 ?Allender, Nancy  1880Pennsylvania P1930984493 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Alice  Pennsylvania I078 Irish Allenders 
4 Allender, Carrie L  9 Dec 1916Pennsylvania I150 Lehigh County Allenders 
5 Allender, Hattie  Bef 1900Pennsylvania I490 Lehigh County Allenders 
6 Allender, James Burney  15 Feb 1948Pennsylvania I259 Irish Allenders 
7 Allender, Jane  Between 1880 and 1900Pennsylvania I230 Irish Allenders 
8 Allender, Jessie Ida  Pennsylvania I337 Irish Allenders 
9 Allender, Kate  11 Feb 1917Pennsylvania I165 Lehigh County Allenders 
10 Allender, Richard  1880Pennsylvania P1930984492 Maryland new 
11 Allender, Richard  Aft 1880Pennsylvania I1357 Maryland Tree 
12 Allender, Valentine W Jr.  16 Dec 1940Pennsylvania I166 Lehigh County Allenders 
13 Howells, Llewellyn Washington  Pennsylvania I334 Lehigh County Allenders 
14 McCalmont, William Alfred  1864Pennsylvania I43 Venango County 
15 Miller, Lewis Marshall  1924Pennsylvania I303 Lehigh County Allenders 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Louise Nora  1869Pennsylvania I306 Irish Allenders 
2 Allender, Samuel G  1850Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
3 Allender, Samuel G  1851Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
4 Allender, Samuel G  1851Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
5 Allender, Samuel G  1851Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
6 Allender, Samuel G  1851Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
7 Allender, Samuel G  1852Pennsylvania I10 Indiana Allenders 
8 Mercer, George  1809Pennsylvania I1268 Maryland Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown-Begin    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Roy E. Jr.  18 Jan 2002Pennsylvania I264 Lehigh County Allenders 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Allender  Abt 1880Pennsylvania F005 Lehigh County Allenders 
2 Allender / Anderson  Abt 1849Pennsylvania F024 Irish Allenders 
3 Allender / De France  1825Pennsylvania F007 Irish Allenders 
4 Allender / Hornish  7 Sep 1842Pennsylvania F032 Irish Allenders 
5 Allender / Marshman  1858Pennsylvania F069 Irish Allenders 
6 Allender / Miller  1900Pennsylvania F042 Lehigh County Allenders 
7 Allender / Milligan  Abt 1810Pennsylvania F003 Irish Allenders 
8 Hartung / Allender  1894Pennsylvania F150 Lehigh County Allenders 
9 Sheller / Allender  1850Pennsylvania F131 Irish Allenders