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Margaret Allender Lashley was my 4th great grandmother. I have not been able to determine who her parents were. She was born in Ohio and married George Lashley October 1, 1829. George's sister Sarah Lashley married William Daniel Allender October 15, 1829. William and Margaret are presumed to be siblings but we are still looking for their parents. We are also hosting an Allender DNA surname study please visit that website
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Earl Vordenberg

My grandfather Earl H. Vordenberg was born June 1891. The family has been told by Earl's sons that he traveled to Dayton, OH to find his birth mother and he received this picture of her. It was also said that her name was Allender. My grandfather, Earl, was adopted by Fred Vordenberg by the time of the 1900 census and listed as "adopted son" on that census. We would love to know for sure if Augusta Allender was Earl's birth mother. Contact almamagis at with information
HELP! Who are William Daniel ALLENDER?s parents?

William Daniel was born abt 1807 possibly in Maryland. By 1829 he was living in Pultney, Belmont County, Ohio where he married Sarah Lashley on October 17, 1829. By 1840 he had moved his family to Menominee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Territory. By 1850 he was living in Town of Rushford, Winnebago County, Wisconsin and by 1860 he had moved to Waukechon, Shawano County, Wisconsin. He remained in Shawano County until his death 19 May 1886.

Other researchers have drawn the conclusion that William and Abigail ALLENDER are William's parents. This conclusion has been drawn from census records for Wm and Abigail ALLENDER and a land record of Wm and Abigail to Margaret ALLENDER LASHLEY. We have not found anything concrete to determine that William and Abigail are William's parents? Do you have the evidence we need?
Christy Allender
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Could this be Augusta Allender?

We found this photo with a note that said her name was Allender. It is said that Earl Vordenberg found his birth mother in Dayton, OH and got this picture from her. I have found a woman on the 1910 census - A(u)gusta Allender in Dayton. I also found Augusta Allender on the 1880 census living in Indiana with a family named Kitchell. In 1920 Augusta is listed as the wife of Hugh Walsh who was a boarder in her Dayton home on the 1910 census. We would love to know if this is Augusta Allender. Please contact me if you have any information on the Kitchell Family, Hugh Walsh, or Augusta Allender. We also have a copy of Augusta Allender Walsh Death Certificate . Contact almamagis at
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