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8) Joyce L. Allender Rogers
Bardstown, KY
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Just wanted to verify the date of death of my Grandfather, Alonzo Larue Allender.
7) Bruce Schindler
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I have been researching the Guyton line, and found where a generation of Guytons and Allenders married each other in Maryland.
6) Linda Allender Lindley
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My sister passed July of last year. She had one son who now has a girlfriend. His girlfriends mothers is very familiar with researching her ancestors. She contacted me wanting any information I could give. She found a great deal of information and gave me this website to check out. It sounds like I may have some distant cousins.
5) Zach Coper
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I am searching for the Allender's from West Virginia/Virginia. John L Allender is my great-great-grandfather. Please contact me by e-mail if you have any information about the Allender's from this area. I will list what I know so far below. Thank you! big grin

John L Allender was born in 1870 Frankfort, Mineral County, West Virginia and died 1935 in Springfield, Hampshire, West Virginia. His father, George Allender, was born around 1845 in Virginia. John L's brother was Dennis W. and their mother's name was Catherine. I found recently that George Allender died of Consumption in 1880 according to the US Federal Census Mortality Schedules Index. His wife Catherine died sometime prior or around then, because both sons, John L and Dennis W were living with the Simpson family in 1880. (John L later married Simpson's daughter)
4) Chris Fossitt
California, Kentucky
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Can anyone confirm information I found on here regarding William Allender born 1747 in England? I read a copy of a letter from this William's grandson to one of his brothers in which he refers to his grandfather's birth name as "William" and came to America as a Brittish soldier during the American Revolution, but was captured and never returned to England. The letter is not clear though if he is talking about his grandfather William Allender or William Alderton.
3) Kristina Nebel
New York
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Hello, I'm the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of a William Allender (or Ellender) who served in the American Revolution (Private Second Battalion, Maryland Line) according to the Natinal Register of Sons of American Revolution. THis William's daughter, Catharine (1795-1876) married Robert Neilson (1792-1845) also of Baltimore. I'd love more information about our William. And I can share lots of information about Robert and Catharine's children and grand, and so on...

Kristina (yes, I'm also Kristina)
2) Ken Piper
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Hi - Just registered last night. I am the great grandson of Frank W. Allender by Margaret Ann Watson. You can say we are the lost tribe as I cannot find any marriage record. Frank had two other marriages but no children by those. Frank's half sister, Marie I had the honor to talk to and correspond with before she passed away. It was fortunate as we verified circumstantial facts that gave me the confidence to proceed.

I tend to dwell on stories and details, but can add comment and a few photos and documents concerning Frank and his dad, William F. Allender.

I look forward to contributing in my small way and hope this can lead to other contacts. I'd love to find a photo of William F. Allender as I do have one of his second wife, Mina and all the children.
1) Kristina
Fremont California
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