Weller, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allender, Catharine (Katie)  8 Jun 1847Weller, Ohio I0970
2 Allender, Catharine (Katie)  8 Jun 1847Weller, Ohio P1930984182
3 Allender, John Kieth  7 Jun 1849Weller, Ohio I0971
4 Allender, John Kieth  7 Jun 1849Weller, Ohio P1930984184
5 Allender, Margaret  1853Weller, Ohio I0972
6 Allender, Margaret  1853Weller, Ohio P1930984185
7 Allender, Mary Ann  1844Weller, Ohio I0969
8 Allender, Mary Ann  1844Weller, Ohio P1930984181
9 Allender, William T  1841Weller, Ohio I0968
10 Allender, William T  1841Weller, Ohio P1930984180