Center, Guernsey, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allender, Amanda O  5 Oct 1894Center, Guernsey, Ohio I352
2 Allender, Charles Edward  25 Jul 1875Center, Guernsey, Ohio I245
3 Allender, Henry Walter  8 Jan 1879Center, Guernsey, Ohio I244
4 Allender, James F  30 Aug 1877Center, Guernsey, Ohio I353
5 Allender, John Finley  31 Jul 1887Center, Guernsey, Ohio I246
6 Allender, Laura Rae  15 Apr 1872Center, Guernsey, Ohio I243
7 Allender, Lillie Mae  15 Apr 1872Center, Guernsey, Ohio I403
8 Allender, Louella Belle  8 Apr 1877Center, Guernsey, Ohio I242
9 Allender, Maria  20 Dec 1881Center, Guernsey, Ohio I349
10 Allender, Minerva E  20 May 1879Center, Guernsey, Ohio I351
11 Allender, Roxie Pearl  30 Sep 1889Center, Guernsey, Ohio I348
12 Allender, Ruth Ardella  30 Nov 1884Center, Guernsey, Ohio I350
13 Bonnell, Nancy Jane  Jun 1851Center, Guernsey, Ohio I241


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allender, James  3 Jun 1903Center, Guernsey, Ohio I007
2 Allender, Laura Rae  6 May 1900Center, Guernsey, Ohio I243
3 Allender, Lillie Mae  16 Feb 1886Center, Guernsey, Ohio I403
4 Allender, Louella Belle  12 Mar 1942Center, Guernsey, Ohio I242
5 Allender, William  Center, Guernsey, Ohio I064
6 Bonnell, Angeline  8 Mar 1885Center, Guernsey, Ohio I077
7 Bonnell, Nancy Jane  8 Aug 1887Center, Guernsey, Ohio I241