Belmont, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allender, Alexander D  1825Belmont, Ohio I1107 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender, Alexander D  1825Belmont, Ohio P1930984282 Maryland new 
3 Allender, Catharine  Jan 1880Belmont, Ohio I1246 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender, Catharine  Jan 1880Belmont, Ohio P1930984407 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Ella  1885Belmont, Ohio I1243 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, Ella  1885Belmont, Ohio P1930984405 Maryland new 
7 Allender, Emma E  1889Belmont, Ohio I1244 Maryland Tree 
8 Allender, Emma E  1889Belmont, Ohio P1930984406 Maryland new 
9 Allender, Julia Ann  Aug 1835Belmont, Ohio I1273 Maryland Tree 
10 Allender, Julia Ann  Aug 1835Belmont, Ohio P1930984428 Maryland new 
11 Allender, Louise  1826Belmont, Ohio I1362 Maryland Tree 
12 Allender, Louise  1826Belmont, Ohio P1930984497 Maryland new 
13 Allender, Mary A  1837Belmont, Ohio I1212 Maryland Tree 
14 Allender, Mary A  1837Belmont, Ohio P1930984373 Maryland new 
15 Allender, Mary J  1873Belmont, Ohio I1242 Maryland Tree 
16 Allender, Mary J  1873Belmont, Ohio P1930984404 Maryland new 
17 Allender, Nancy  7 May 1830Belmont, Ohio I1214 Maryland Tree 
18 Allender, Nancy  7 May 1830Belmont, Ohio P1930984377 Maryland new 
19 Allender, Richard L  Apr 1842Belmont, Ohio I1216 Maryland Tree 
20 Allender, Richard L  Apr 1842Belmont, Ohio P1930984381 Maryland new 
21 Allender, Sarah  21 Apr 1828Belmont, Ohio I1213 Maryland Tree 
22 Allender, Sarah  21 Apr 1828Belmont, Ohio P1930984375 Maryland new 
23 Allender, William Greenlee  10 Aug 1832Belmont, Ohio I1211 Maryland Tree 
24 Allender, William Greenlee  10 Aug 1832Belmont, Ohio P1930984366 Maryland new 
25 Milligan, Avis W  Aug 1869Belmont, Ohio I1255 Maryland Tree 
26 Milligan, Avis W  Aug 1869Belmont, Ohio P1930984414 Maryland new 
27 Milligan, Francis (Frank)  May 1833Belmont, Ohio I1302 Maryland Tree 
28 Milligan, Francis (Frank)  May 1833Belmont, Ohio P1930984429 Maryland new 
29 Milligan, Ivy Imogene  Feb 1872Belmont, Ohio I1256 Maryland Tree 
30 Milligan, Ivy Imogene  Feb 1872Belmont, Ohio P1930984415 Maryland new 
31 Milligan, Keren Happuch  1862Belmont, Ohio I1253 Maryland Tree 
32 Milligan, Keren Happuch  1862Belmont, Ohio P1930984412 Maryland new 
33 Milligan, Nettie Ion  1867Belmont, Ohio I1254 Maryland Tree 
34 Milligan, Nettie Ion  1867Belmont, Ohio P1930984413 Maryland new 
35 Milligan, Ora Clare  May 1878Belmont, Ohio I1258 Maryland Tree 
36 Milligan, Ora Clare  May 1878Belmont, Ohio P1930984417 Maryland new 
37 Milligan, Thomas E.  Jun 1874Belmont, Ohio I1257 Maryland Tree 
38 Milligan, Thomas E.  Jun 1874Belmont, Ohio P1930984416 Maryland new 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ?Allender, Mary  1849Belmont, Ohio I1027 Maryland Tree 
2 ?Allender, Mary  1849Belmont, Ohio P1930984037 Maryland new 
3 ?Allender, Unnamed  1849Belmont, Ohio I1089 Maryland Tree 
4 ?Allender, Unnamed  1849Belmont, Ohio P1930984258 Maryland new 
5 Allender, Susannah  8 Mar 1877Belmont, Ohio I1087 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender, Susannah  8 Mar 1877Belmont, Ohio P1930984219 Maryland new 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allender / Cox  20 Feb 1845Belmont, Ohio F221 Maryland Tree 
2 Allender / Cox  20 Feb 1845Belmont, Ohio F276 Maryland new 
3 Allender / Davis  22 Feb 1821Belmont, Ohio F331 Maryland Tree 
4 Allender / Davis  22 Feb 1821Belmont, Ohio F275 Maryland new 
5 Allender / Dean  20 Jan 1838Belmont, Ohio F352 Maryland Tree 
6 Allender / Dean  20 Jan 1838Belmont, Ohio F174 Maryland new 
7 Keyser / Allender  25 Jul 1816Belmont, Ohio F324 Maryland Tree 
8 Keyser / Allender  25 Jul 1816Belmont, Ohio F264 Maryland new 
9 Lashley / Allender  1 Oct 1829Belmont, Ohio F184 Maryland Tree 
10 Lashley / Allender  1 Oct 1829Belmont, Ohio F266 Maryland new 
11 Milligan / Allender  1850Belmont, Ohio F354 Maryland Tree 
12 Milligan / Allender  1850Belmont, Ohio F295 Maryland new 
13 Milligan / Allender  3 Feb 1859Belmont, Ohio F365 Maryland Tree 
14 Milligan / Allender  3 Feb 1859Belmont, Ohio F299 Maryland new 
15 White / Allender  5 Aug 1889Belmont, Ohio F358 Maryland Tree 
16 White / Allender  5 Aug 1889Belmont, Ohio F294 Maryland new